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I founded Anne Vandycke Studio, a Creative Design Studio based in New York City, to offer clients a combination of my expertise in consulting, management, graphic design and visual art, adding my artistic passion that is also my strength in terms of creativity.

I strongly believe that doing Visual Arts, helps me to build another vision and gives me the tools to think out of the box, which is essential in this ever-changing digital world.  


I offer a strong consulting client approach with understanding of client’s vision and objectives and help clients in their project of full branding, to differentiate them from their competitors and push their business forward. 

I like being part of a team because I think you have to combine different skills from different people to be even better.


Anne Vandycke, founder of Anne Vandycke Studio LLC, but also Art Director / Graphic Designer and Consultant for brands has a professional and international experience to manage projects from concept stage to full implementation.

She brings more than just a design, she works with clients, to understand their needs and to help them to write their own story, the one of their brand and to bring it to live. 

She thrives on building strategic, high touch relationships with clients and staying ahead of market trends.

Vandycke offers a unique combination of strong management, visual art and graphic design skills to better service clients, with strong print and digital skills as well as illustration and photography skills.


Her professional experience in the Visual Arts world gives her the tools to think out of the box, which is essential in this ever-changing digital world.  

​She studied Management and PsychoSociology of Organization and got Masters Degree in this field. She also studied Graphic Design at the Parsons School, The New School (Certificate of Graphic Design) and Fine Art in Intensive Studio at Columbia University among others.


Anne is also a member of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts).

My other expertise and passion