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Hello, my name is Anne Vandycke...

I’m an Art Director specialised in branding and digital design.

As a Visual Artist (Graphic Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, Visual Artist,…) for many years, I have acquired a real sense of color, composition and typography with a modern and trendy design that my clients benefit from. 


My experience as a Consultant in Change Management in different sector of activities helps me to tailor the best approach of design. I'm able to understand corporation needs but also customers. I’m also able to find the best ressources to create the right team for each project.

These related experiences, in different sector of activities are a strong asset and differentiator for a company. Indeed, it allows me to bring a different perspective and a different approach which is essential to create and innovate.

I studied Graphic Design at the Parsons School, The New School (Certificate of Graphic Design) and Fine Art in Intensive Studio at Columbia University among others. I have also a background in Management and PsychoSociology of Organisation and got Masters Degrees. 


I’m a member of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) and did a mentorship with AIGA Shine Washington D.C.

The common thread between all these experiences is creativity, design, thinking, trends, communication, collaboration, customer satisfaction and a real passion to create.


Activities : Photography, Painting, Drawing

Reading : I'm really interested in Psychology and human behaviors. I like to read art, decor and fashion magazine.

Food : I love chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Fashion : I love shoes.

Sport : I do bicycle and yoga.

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