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I'm Anne Vandycke, Art Director, Creative, Consultant

Specialised in Advertisement, Branding, Digital Design.

I have an international expertise in consulting and I'm also a visual artist with a very strong expertise in colors and composition. 


I help my clients to grow their business with professional design solutions.

I create powerful visuals and make brands unique.

What drives me in projects is a real passion to create, communicate and deliver the most appropriate solutions to a client and find the best resources to create the right team for their project.

As a Visual Artist (Graphic and Digital Designer, Photographer, Illustrator, Visual Artist,…) for many years, I have acquired a real sense of color, composition and typography with a modern and clean design that my clients benefit from. 

My international experience and expertise as a consultant in change management, in different sector of activities helps me to tailor the best approach in branding and design. I'm able to understand corporation needs but also customers.

I studied Graphic Design at the Parsons School, The New School (Certificate of Graphic Design) and Fine Art in Intensive Studio at Columbia University among others.


I have also a background in Management and PsychoSociology of Organisation and got Masters Degrees.  


I’m a member of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) and did a mentorship with AIGA Shine Washington D.C.

These related experiences, in different sector of activities are a strong asset and differentiator for a company. It allows me to bring a different perspective and a different approach which is essential to create and innovate.

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