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Fine Art

Selling art is also a question of communication and branding. I'm a Visual Artist and I'm used to market myself with all the digital design skills that I have. I developed the strategy, the branding, designed the website, social media, email marketing, brochures, invitations, videos, ... and my work is currently represented by several galleries. 


Anne Vandycke



Type of Work



Web Design

Social Media

Email Marketing

Marketing Collaterals (brochures, Invitations, ...)

Based in New York for several years, I had the willingness to explore the idea of change, transition, energetic rhythm and acceleration of our societies through Art from my own signature and exhibited in Europe and United States in Galleries, Museum, Art Fairs, at Sotheby's, in Luxury showroom such as Fendi Casa, on digital screens such as LinkNY or at the Oculus Westfield World Trade Center. 

Between Brochures, Invitations, Email Marketing, Social Media, PR, Event set up, who better than the artist designer herself for playing a crucial role in shaping the visual identity of the brand.

New York Online Art Gallery website

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