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Selling art is also a question of communication and branding.

Branding, Web Design, Marketing Collaterals (Brochures, Invitations, ...), Social Media Marketing, Emails Marketing Campaign, Mailing Campaign, Banners, Professional Video for Art.


Based in New York for several years, I had the willingness to explore the idea of change and acceleration of our societies through Art from my own signature and exhibited in Europe and United States in Galleries, Museum, Art Fairs, at Sotheby's, in Luxury showroom such as Fendi Casa, on digital screens such as LinkNY or at the Oculus Westfield World Trade Center. 

Website, Social media campaigns, Email marketing campaign, banners for shows, marketing collaterals, are some of the design supports I created to promote series in exhibitions. 


The series Horizon 2030 reflects an horizon which seems to be far away but with the constant change and the acceleration of our societies, is becoming closer. Always go faster, be even more efficient at any price. The state of change is more than ever a constant, which is a paradox as a constant should be stable but it’s not the case.

Art is a passion for me but it’s also a detour that allows me to continue my career as a consultant and move from change management to Art Direction and Graphic design working on branding, with a real added value, that of offering more than a design but a customer approach that helps to understand the message a company wants to convey to its own customer target and translate it after in Graphic Design.


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