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Advised and helped 'Paris Dauphine Foundation Inc.' with the conception and design of their website. I made the team evolve little by little in their approach to create a more impactful content and helped them to create a clean design and easy navigation of the site.

Consultancy and Web Design

Paris-Dauphine Foundation, Inc (“Dauphine Foundation USA”) is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization launched by Dauphine alumni in 2019 to pursue non-profit and educational objectives—at home in Paris and with international partners.
Founded in 1968, Paris Dauphine University, is a unique player in French higher education. Located in the heart of Paris and with over 9,000 full-time students every year, Dauphine is a European leader in organization and decision sciences, including Management, Economics, Law, Political Sciences, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences. 
Dauphine offers multidisciplinary programs in French and English and from Bachelor degrees to PhDs.
Dauphine’s professors and research instructors are highly qualified and known as leaders in their fields. Coursework emphasizes small group pedagogy and collaboration. The learning environment is designed to replicate the professional world. Dauphine considers it a responsibility to graduate students not only with an elite education but also with the skill sets needed to successfully compete for jobs and excel in careers.