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Paulette Cold Spring

Paulette Cold Spring is a new multidimensional concept-store with fashion, accessories, home decor and a cute coffee space to meet, shop and grab a quick Latte, and experience a new way of shopping. I was commissioned to help the company with its new mission of launching a new concept store and build the website.  


Paulette Cold Spring





Type of Work


Web Design





The idea behind a new experience store is to enhance customer satisfaction, encourage brand loyalty, and differentiate from online shopping experiences. These stores often prioritize customer engagement and entertainment to create a lasting impression and build a strong bond with customers. 


The new experience store with Paulette Cold Spring was to create an unique experience to shop fashion and decor and be able to take a breathe and grab a coffee at the bar or in the sofa. This new concept aims to provide a unique and memorable experience for customers beyond just traditional shopping.

Paulette Cold Spring, the new concept store mixing Fashion, Home Decor and a Cafe, was built on the strength of Jacqueline Azria's fashion expertise. For more than 20 years, Jacqueline has been a well-respected and established fashion creative director, celebrated for her acute, innovative, cool and effortless sense of style. 

I built and design a website directly related to this innovative, cool and effortless sense of style.

For the launching of the store, I first focused on designing illustrations that would represent the brand and effectively communicate the store's concept. The illustration I did is an illustration of the store front itself.

Next, I used these illustrations to design an invitation sent to potential customers. The invitation was designed to be eye-catching, informative, and reflective of the brand's image. It included relevant details such as the date, time, and location of the store opening. The design of the invitation aimed to generate excitement and entice people to attend the store opening.


In addition to the invitation, I also created a magazine advertisement to reach a wider audience. The advertisement was crafted to grab attention and convey the message that the store is new, exciting, and worth visiting. 

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