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I'm also a visual artist, painter and photographer. I love to create compositions and see how to highlight the beauty of the subject, to zoom interesting angles, to find the right setting of the camera juggling between aperture, shutter speed and ISO and I'm passionate about Architecture and Fashion. 
Plum and Cherry DSC_1649_edited.jpg


Plum & Cherry T Shirts

Photoshoot of Plum & Cherry™T-Shirts.
Plum & Cherry, a US online Store of Designer's comfortable and eco friendly T-Shirts designed to give a positive energy to make change easier and comfortable. 
® Anne Vandycke Photo 'Essential Accessory' - 15.jpg


Essential Accessory

In this series, 'When Accessories becomes Essential', I photographed shoes in a specific decor to emphasise the beauty of the shoes. I photographed also luxury bags in boutique, from the street, who were in the same inspiration and colors to match my shoes photographs.
Anne-Vandycke Photography---Fifth-Ave-IMG_8090.jpg


New York, New York

In this 'New York' photoshoot project, I choose interesting angles of Architecture or just captured the light, the architecture and the beauty of nature.


Art at The High Line

Freezing the flowing water....



Capture the instant, capture the movement. The idea was to blur the movement of the roller coaster, keeping the rest of the photography frozen and make a gif with sequence of images.
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