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I participated in the AIGA SHINE DC Washington Program and created a 'project for good'. SHINE is a 4-month mentoring program from AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts). The program matches mentors and mentees from design community looking to connect, challenge each other to grow, and collaborate on a project of their choosing.

I created and launched the brand Plum & Cherry™, a US online Store of Designer's comfortable and eco friendly T-Shirts designed to give a positive energy to make change easier and comfortable. 

Once the brand was launched, I organised photo shooting with model to build the online store and create design content with copywriter for social medias and advertisement. 

Created and launched a new brand from concept stage to full implementation : brand strategy, brand identity, photo shooting, social media, advertisement, retails pop-up, events, ...

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Plum and Cherry
Saturated with positivity
I created Plum & Cherry, a brand that evokes positive energy to make daily change comfortable.
With a pandemic that has forced people to make countless, uncomfortable changes, I see a unique opportunity to share all my experience and my passion in one project.
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Branding and Design

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Social Medias

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Retail pop-up Event organisation

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