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Custom luxury home renovation and construction that are modern and environmentally responsible.

Web Design for Skratch-Works : Luxury Home Construction and Renovation

Anne Vandycke for Skratch-Works
Anne Vandycke for Skratch-Works

Skratch-Works is specialized in custom luxury home renovations that are modern, environmentally responsible, and built to enhance clients surroundings.


They closely collaborate with their clients to create a high-end, relaxed, modern spaces with flowing compartmentalized spaces. Their specificity is to create client’s dream home and stay on the budget.

Skratch-Works palette is neutral to allow projects to be less decorated and more an integrated part of the surrounding architecture and landscape.


Known for completing spaces that are turnkey and within budget, Skratch-Works offer, from furniture to landscaping, a house ready to move into.

Anne Vandycke for Skratch-Works
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Custom Luxury Home

Renovation and Construction