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Plum and Cherry

Change is easier when you have a positive mindset. Plum and Cherry was created to give a positive energy with designs on T-Shirts.


I participated in the AIGA SHINE DC Washington Program and created a 'project for good'. SHINE is a 4-month mentoring program from AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts). The program matches mentors and mentees from design community looking to connect, challenge each other to grow, and collaborate on a project of their choosing.


Plum and Cherry



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I created and launched the brand Plum & Cherry a brand that embodies the essence of energy, vitality, freshness, and renewal, aiming to make positive daily changes easier and promote well-being.


I invite people to embrace life with Positivity, Comfort, Style and Healthy Habits through an exclusive Plum and Cherry collection, featuring T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants.

Once the brand was launched, I organised photo shooting with model to build the online store and create design content with copywriter for social medias and advertisement. 

After crafting the brand identity, I focused on digital marketing, the promotion and advertisement of the brand using digital channels, such as website, email marketing and social medias. Digital marketing use elements of brand identity to reach and engage with the target audience.